Deutsche Telekom will use pure OTT to upsell to IPTV

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    Deutsche Telekom will use a standalone OTT service as a way to target new markets and upsell consumers to the full Entertain IPTV service, the company revealed today. Speaking at the OTT TV World Summit in London, Gerry O’Sullivan, Senior VP Global TV & Entertainment at the telco said Pay TV operators needed to embrace OTT more fully. He said it was important to stop looking upon OTT as a rival and threatening proposition and acknowledge that Pay TV operators should be able to lead in this market, especially when they have the best content rights and deep pockets.

    O’Sullivan said Deutsche Telekom is fully embracing OTT, rather than treating it as an enemy or just ignoring it, which are two alternative strategies. DT already offers its own OTT service called Videoload that is a market leading online brand and this brand is also used for the VOD component of the full Entertain IPTV service on the STB. The company is also encouraging OTT players to come onto the Entertain IPTV platform with apps to boost the variety of content available.

    O’Sullivan also highlighted the importance of providing a full multi-screen offer that covers all popular end devices. “It is a multi-screen world now and we know that there are a number of screens we must serve if we do not want our customers to leave. The issue is that despite the investments needed to make that happen, customers expect to get that service free. That makes life tricky but if you do not offer multi-screen you will not be in the game for much longer.”

    Deutsche Telekom is about to launch a full multi-screen, TV Everywhere service for existing Entertain customers. “The next step will be to harness a pure OTT service as a sales channel into the Entertain proposition,” he said.

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