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ADB debuts UEX built for connected home era

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Graphyne is a new user experience framework from ADB designed for the connected home era where consumes want to access a range of services and apps through their service provider and get access to them on multiple screens. ADB claims Graphyne is also the most feature-rich, easy-to-use interface on the market. It provides easy access to everything on the home network and beyond, and makes that content available on all screens. This could be linear TV, DVR content, OTT/VOD and catch-up, social media applications, Skype, music or personal photographs, and even home security and energy management apps.

“Graphyne cements the multimedia service providers’ position as the entertainment hub of the home,” declares. Peter Balchin, CEO of ADB. “With its dynamic multi-screen interface, operators can engage more closely with users, building a closer relationship by meeting all their entertainment needs on multiple screens in a compelling fashion. Consistency is key. Graphyne is the first user experience that treats all media types identically.  If you know how to watch TV, you know how to do everything.”

According to ADB: “The user no longer needs to know where any piece of content resides as Graphyne provides equal access to everything. The user experience is replicated across all devices, providing a visually stunning way to navigate all forms of digital content and services in the home and on the move.”

The framework features what the company says is an innovative, elegant design that uses a single navigation style to make it easy for viewers to access all their multimedia content and applications on the device of their choice. Graphyne features walls as shortcuts to recommended content, a media bar and content-sensitive action menus. It provides access to the entire Pay TV offer, OTT content, third-party applications, and each user’s personal digital media libraries, yet offers easy navigation and an intuitive lean-back TV experience.  Support for HTML5 gives operators the flexibility to add new services and adopt a cloud model in the future.

With Graphyne, the set-top box or gateway is transformed into a multimedia hub that makes switching between photos, songs and videos as quick and easy as changing channels. Users have speedy access to content with ADB’s channel-switching technology. Graphyne uses ADB’s ‘Follow Me’ function to enable users to switch seamlessly between devices in a multi-screen environment and continue the same experience.

A new remote control uses a simple subset of keys for navigation, while maintaining familiar controls so end users never get lost. Operators can add shortcut keys to jump directly to their most important services. Subscribers can also use their iOS and Android devices as remote controls. Where different members of a family use their own devices, the system automatically personalises the experience for that individual with their favourites.

Graphyne is designed from the outset to support navigation using gesture input devices as the technology becomes widely available. It builds on ADB’s eight years of experience in developing and enhancing its HD Carbo User Interface but also incorporates feedback from diverse users in a range of environments, focus groups and different countries.

Paul Bristow, Vice President of Strategy, Middleware and Consumer Experience at ADB, says: “Our user research revealed that users want simplicity but love consistency. For years the industry has wrestled with the challenge of designing a menu that can navigate all types of content. By overcoming this hurdle we believe the Pay TV and broadband industries have the opportunity to build subscriber loyalty and strengthen their position in a very competitive space.”

Graphyne is designed to make it easy for operators to deploy and enhance their services. The framework provides a pre-tested way of adding new services without needing new rounds of user testing. In addition, it allows operators to develop new applications using HTML5 and to access smart home services through ADB’s Epicentro Portal. The user interface can be customised with an operator’s branding and colours. The first version of Graphyne supports ADB STBs, iOS and Android devices.

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