Yes GO focuses on social and personal, harnessing Tvinci platform

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    yes Satellite TV, Israel’s only multi-channel satellite TV platform, has selected Tvinci to help it create its yes GO multiscreen TV service, putting an emphasis on an advanced user experience that is considered to be immersive, personal and social. Yes GO provides over 40 linear channels and thousands of hours of premium VOD. Subscribers to yes will be able to access yes GO on their PCs, Macs and iOS/Android smartphones and tablets. According to Ron Eilon, CEO at yes Satellite,
    “The launch of yes GO places yes in the global technological frontier for multichannel television. It allows us to continue to pioneer premier viewing experiences that are unsurpassed in Israel.”

    He says Tvinci is the perfect technology partner to make the yes GO service social and personal and ensure the multiscreen service stands out from the crowd. Itzhak Elyakim, VP Engineering and CTO at yes Satellite, reckons the combination of yes content and the new social and personal user experience is a potent mix.

    Tvinci’s platform is designed for premium OTT TV services and includes a comprehensive device management module to ensure compliance with Hollywood studio content protection requirements. Tvinci’s device management module manages the number of devices and the number of concurrent streams per account, as well as how often end users can add and remove devices to/from their account.

    The deployment for yes GO also includes a household management module that gives end users the ability to log-in to the service as individual TV viewers. In this way, each member of the household can enjoy a TV service that is entirely personal. Every end user will have access to a personal zone that is consistent across all of the devices so they can enjoy their favorites, viewing history and preferences. These are influenced only by their personal interactions with yes GO.

    The household management module includes integrations with Facebook. This enables features such as an activity feed and social-based recommendations. yes GO also includes a ‘crowdsourcing’ component, where users will be informed of popular shows trending in real-time. Tvinci provides yes GO with multi-language support including multi-audio and subtitles for VOD and linear in Hebrew and Russian.

    Tvinci was explaining what it means by a more personal and social multiscreen experience at IBC 2013 and you can read that story here.

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