Ericsson establishes partnership programme for global CDNs

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    Ericsson is establishing a partnership programme for global CDNs, essentially creating a plug-in ecosystem for operators based around its Ericsson Media Delivery Network solution. The CDN providers Limelight Networks, CDNetworks and ChinaCache are the first to announce they will integrate their systems with the Ericsson content delivery solution.

    Ericsson’s Media Network Delivery unites caching, optimization and acceleration of content within operator networks. The company says the global CDN partnerships will enable operators to improve the efficiency of high quality content delivery by creating a multi service system that extends the global CDN deep into the operator’s network.

    “Content providers will benefit from a seamless delivery mechanism for reaching audiences on both a local and global level, opening up new revenue streams,” the company says.

    Ove Anebygd, Vice President and Head of Solution Area Media, Ericsson, says, “The convergence of global CDNs with operator networks propels content delivery forward to a new level of effectiveness, and enables the media industry to optimize broadcast potential with the continued explosion of available video content. We have created these partnerships to help operators and content providers to forge even stronger links so that they can continue to deliver the right services to the right audiences at the right time.”

    Ericsson’s latest Mobility Report indicates that networks are suffering from increased strain as video becomes an ever-more dominating force in network traffic, with an expected growth of 55% each year to 2019. This growth impacts network profitability requiring costly infrastructure investments.

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