ACCESS and KILA Systems enable operators to harness first-party data without human intervention

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    ACCESS and KILA Systems, which provides a real-time predictive analytics solution, are hosting joint ‘Big Data’ demonstrations at TV Connect, showing operators how to predict consumer habits and offer personalized multiscreen services based on consumer preferences, devices registered to the service, age, geolocation and more. 

    “Multiscreen complexity has led to overwhelming amounts of data that have become impossible to process easily,” says Dr Neale Foster, COO and VP Global Sales, ACCESS Europe. “Working with KILA Systems enables us to combine our multiscreen expertise with advanced analytics to allow our operator customers to automatically leverage the data they receive from their subscribers without further human intervention, which is an industry first.”
    The joint solution showcased on the ACCESS stand at TV Connect leverages the multiscreen management platform, ACCESS Twine, and KILA Systems’ real-time predictive analytics solutions to collect first-party data at scale, such as geolocation, age, devices registered to the service and consumption habits. It also provides comprehensive user insights combined with accurate and immediately actionable predictions, the two companies say.

    The analytics suite delivers a unique view on user behaviour, enriched with predictive behaviour patterns and demographics. The solution can offer advanced real-time analysis to predict churn, facilitate upsell, tailor the service depending on the profile of the user connected, and offer targeted advertising.
    Damien Tassel, VP Business Development at KILA Systems, adds: “This close collaboration with ACCESS ensures that real-time predictive analysis can easily become a consumer proposition for operators, enabling them to optimize their business KPIs. The dedicated Artificial Intelligence programme we offer in our joint solution with ACCESS allows us to collect and manage first-party data at large scale, as well as deliver actionable insights for each user.”
    ACCESS Twine is a standards-based multiscreen management platform that provides advanced control of media sharing without compromising on the consumer experience. The solution offers global search of content from multiple sources via a single user interface, remote access and sharing of operator and personal video to multiscreen devices in a secure environment.

    ACCESS Twine is available as a client for STBs, mobiles and tablets as well as a home gateway package. The headend server side components manage subscriber rights and can be integrated seamlessly with existing operator infrastructure such as subscriber management, analytics and premium content security systems. The solution also provides data at large scale and highly flexible configuration options. The solution can be deployed on premise or in Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IAAS) scenarios to save on hardware costs while offering the same level of service.    

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