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NAGRA will offer data insights solution, and its role can extend to data gathering and security

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Faced with greater competition, Pay TV operators are under pressure to optimize their decision making, whether it is content marketing or business strategy. According to Simon Trudelle, Senior Product Marketing Director for Multi-Screen & Cloud Services at NAGRA, they will need to make better use of data analytics and make sure they are at least as good as Netflix and Amazon when it comes to harnessing the data that they can gather. NAGRA is going to introduce a data insights product to help them.

The NAGRA insights software-as-a-service will deliver actionable intelligence that will help to reduce churn, acquire new subscribers and help to upsell customers, among other things. Trudelle says the analytics solution will deliver against business KPIs (key performance indicators). “It will help you to act, and fix things that need to be fixed,” he declares. The service is already being piloted.

NAGRA is deeply embedded into the lives of its Pay TV customers thanks to its content security products, user experience (UEX) solutions and multiscreen backoffice platforms. Data can be harnessed from these sources (with permission of the platform operator and all the usual privacy/data protection guarantees). Data can also be gathered from hardware. NAGRA and SmarDTV (which now makes set-top boxes as well as conditional access modules and smart Wi-Fi CAMs, among other things) are both part of the Kudelski Group.

The insights solution can harness data from various operator systems and delivery infrastructure in addition to the NAGRA endpoints. It looks as if this product is going to be more than your average data analytics package: Trudelle talks about interconnecting data and points out that NAGRA will secure all the data, “obviously”. The company is a long-time content protection specialist that has now invested heavily in cyber security and has the ability to protect data on all parts of its journey, including into and inside the cloud.

As we reported previously, companies with software clients already embedded in devices and networks have an advantage in the race to become a data gatherer and protector. Verimatrix (which previously specialized entirely in content security) has already outlined its Verspective solution, which provides a common and secure data gathering infrastructure that various third-party analytics services can then harness (see more here and here). NAGRA will be providing the data analytics and business insights itself, and is just starting to articulate the wider role that it can play.

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