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Canal+ buys into vision of fully integrated direct and programmatic ad management

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Vivendi-owned Canal+ Group – the largest media group in France – has selected FreeWheel (now including StickyAds.tv) to provide an advertising management system that will combine a supply-side platform (SSP) for programmatic trading with direct sales – with increasing integration between these two demand sources. The deal adds another major French programmer to the list of companies using the SSP that StickyAds.tv developed.

To be precise, the deal is with Canal+ Regie, the sales house for Canal+ Group. FreeWheel will help the media company expose its digital advertising inventory programmatically. The deployment also signifies that Canal+ buys into the FreeWheel vision for more holistic management of direct and programmatic digital inventory and sales. Thomas Bremond, Managing Director for Europe at FreeWheel, is also pleased to be working with another company that combines its own media sales, channels and a distribution platform (the company already works with Sky).

Canal+ Regie has taken two of the core FreeWheel solutions: Monetization Rights Management (MRM) and the supply-side platform. These will be used with all inventory sold by Canal+ Regie on the Canal+ Group digital platforms, and thus covers both live streaming and on-demand content. (The new advertising system does not yet cover Canal+ content served via Pay TV operator TV Everywhere apps). Catch-up VOD programming, served via IPTV distribution partners and their set-top boxes (via traditional IPTV networks) is also covered by the new technology. So advertising inventory within this programming will be managed by the MRM platform and made available programmatically via the supply-side platform.

MRM provides the tools to manage advertising sales rights, accurately forecast inventory, manage yield optimization, make ad decisions, serve ads and analyze performance. The SSP enables safe automation that guarantees the interests of broadcasters. It integrates with leading demand-side platforms like those from DataXu, TubeMogul, MediaMath and Turn.

Canal+ produces six Canal+ premium television channels that are distributed via various Pay TV offers and since 2012 has developed a free-to-air channel division that includes the D8 and D17 channels. The company also has its own Pay TV bouquet, Canalsat, featuring over 150 channels (20 of which are produced by Canal+ Group). The Group also offers the myCanal mobile application. According to Canal+ Group, around one-quarter of French households subscribe to one of its offers.

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A longer version of this story (read it here) outlines the thinking behind FreeWheel’s efforts to build an ad management platform that completely integrates direct and programmatic demand sources, including with price comparisons (already available). The company will soon make it possible to mix the same digital advertising break with ads that were direct-sold and ads that are sold via a supply-side platform (so programmatically). Ad decisioning will take account of the direct-sold ads already in the break and tell the SSP what spots can be sold, which competitive brands must be avoided, and which ads must be avoided to ensure there is no duplication.

Longer story here.

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