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Midco prepares the way for multiscreen VOD with next-generation Adrenalin from SeaChange

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Midco, one of the 20 largest cable operators in the U.S. with around 385,000 subscribers across the mid-west including Kansas, Minnesota and Wisconsin, is upgrading its multi-market SeaChange-based VOD system to the next-generation SeaChange Adrenalin multiscreen-capable software platform.   Slated to go live in the first half of 2017, the Adrenalin platform will enable Midco to maintain its strategy of centralized on-demand operations over its existing HFC network while paving the way for on-demand service expansion to mobile phones, tablets and other IP-based viewing devices its subscribers own.

Midco is a long-time customer of SeaChange and has delivered on-demand movies and TV shows for nearly a decade with Axiom, SeaChange’s widely-deployed technology, which is now being superseded. Bill Chatwell, Video Systems Manager at the cable operator, says: “We are pleased to continue our longstanding collaboration with SeaChange to continue Midco’s popular ON Demand services and gain the ability to expand our foundation for advanced capabilities in the future.”

Midco will also deploy SeaChange’s AssetFlow software for content lifecycle management covering it on-demand content. The solution will take care of movie and TV programme ingest and tracking, metadata handling and overall content workflow.

With published APIs and dozens of third-party integrations, SeaChange’s open software solutions, including Adrenalin, orchestrate premium video services over HFC and IP networks with unified subscriber experiences for set-top boxes, Smart TVs and Android TV, as well as Apple and Android mobile devices.

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