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Paywizard integrates with Cisco’s Infinite Video Platform; will help track and improve Pay TV customer journey

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Paywizard is a Pay TV subscription, billing and customer relationship management (CRM) specialist that uses data and analytics to identify decision moments around how and when users make purchasing choices. The company’s solutions have now been integrated into Cisco’s Infinite Video Platform, which enables Pay TV operators to offer broadcast-quality video and personalized viewing experiences on any device. “Paywizard complement our data driven approach, enhancing the rich data we gather, store and analyse to generate deep customer insight,” says Adam Davies, Product Marketing Manager, Infinite Video Platform at Cisco.

Thanks to the integration, Infinite Video customers can use the Paywizard Agile solution to seamlessly track the progress of subscribers through each stage of their customer journey, using insights to precisely guide service entitlement and effective marketing promotions and offers.

Bhavesh Vaghela, CEO at Paywizard, says these operators can use what his company calls ‘decision moments’ to engage prospects and subscribers in a highly informed way, combining transactional and CRM data with their own content consumption data to gain deep insight into their customers. “This will arm providers with the customer intelligence necessary to trigger precise activity around each decision moment in the subscriber journey, helping them drive acquisition and reduce churn.”

Decision moments, as articulated by Paywizard, addresses the critical Pay TV subscriber engagement points most likely to evoke positive or negative emotional reactions and to impact relationships between operators and subscribers during the customer journey. They include the moments when a consumer joins, consumes, upgrades, downgrades, gets billed, leaves and can be won back.

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