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Android apps running on RDK “would be the best of both worlds”, says RDK chief

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How about Android apps running on RDK-V, the open-source software stack developed so the Pay TV industry could take some of the heavy lifting out of its CPE development and hasten service innovation? Steve Heeb, President & General Manager at RDK, raised the idea at Connected TV World Summit recently when he talked of Android as both an alternative to RDK (as an open-source STB platform) but also as a potential partner.

Noting that app stores run on top of RDK today, including the Metrological app store and app stores developed by operators themselves, he said: “I would like to see an operator integrate an Android apps platform onto the RDK stack. That would be the best of both worlds.”

He added: “RDK was made to be the software platform that integrates down to the SoC level and does some of the heavy lifting like video tuning and resource management and things that should be standardised across operator networks. Operators bring their app platforms and determine the business models that go on top.

“If an operator used RDK to control their network and business model, and they made sure they control the data coming back [from devices], and they then had a cool app platform like Android on top, I think that would be a fantastic solution.”

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