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SpotX makes it easier for buyers to find the mobile video inventory that supports haptic-touch advertising

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Haptic video advertising technology could be the next ‘format’ innovation that tries to increase user attention. Immersion Corporation is helping to pioneer the concept on mobile, introducing tactile experiences like a car rumbling – in other words, shaking the mobile device in your hand while you watch a video of a car driving past. The company has just partnered with SpotX to solve the problem of how you distribute this kind of advertising.

Immersion’s technology (currently enabled on Android devices) has been integrated with SpotX’s advertising platform with the aim of making haptic-responsive mobile video advertising available at significant scale to buyers. Their agreement means it will be possible to deploy haptic ad units across compatible inventory from a range of premium publishers.

“We are empowering advertisers with high-impact, tactile experiences. This reinforces our commitment to our publisher clients to explore innovative technologies that empower them to realise the full potential of their video ad inventory,” says SpotX.

There is growing interest in ‘touch’ as a way to increase consumer engagement with mobile advertising. A study released by IPG Media Labs, MAGNA and Immersion Corporation (and publicised at the start of this year) found that ‘ads you can feel’ increase our sense of connection with brands and elicit strong emotional responses. It found that, compared to standard video ads, haptic video ads show a 62% increase in feelings of connection to the brands.

The study found that more users felt excited after viewing ads with haptics (38% compared to 30%). More users felt happy after viewing ads with haptics, as well (44% compared to 37%). The researchers concluded that the TouchSense Ads format from Immersion Corporation (haptic ads) create a halo effect on brand perception and improve brand favourability, with a 50% lift when compared to static ads. The report decided there was a 68% cost saving in increasing brand favourability when using haptic video ads versus standard video ads.

You can see the study methodology at the bottom of the web page here.

Sergio De Acha, Regional Head of Business Development at Immersion, comments: “As virtual reality, touchscreens and wearable technology grow in popularity, opportunities to use haptics are growing rapidly, as high-quality tactile effects enhance the user experience. With ads you can feel, touch taps into an additional sense to help brands differentiate themselves. Our partnership with SpotX makes high-impact ad units available to buyers at scale, making the power of haptics more pervasive.”

Kristen Williams, Director of Strategic Partnerships at SpotX adds: “The ability to bring these haptic experiences to audiences across SpotX inventory is something both the buy and sell side are very excited about. Our Demand Facilitation team will help buyers find the best publishers for haptic ads and help them structure their buys to maximise efficiency and effectiveness of this innovative new format.”

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