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ARRIS retail gateways incorporate McAfee security to protect all downstream devices in the home from IoT cyber-attacks

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Cyber-attacks in the connected home are a growing consumer concern and ARRIS is addressing it for its retail broadband gateway customers in the U.S. by moving the security burden from individual connected devices and onto the gateway itself – which is of course the point of entry into the home network. The SBG7580-AC gateway is the first broadband gateway featuring McAfee’s Secure Home Internet and will protect downstream IoT devices.

‘ARRIS Secure Home Internet by McAfee’ protection is built into the gateway, so consumers do not need to install any additional software. As John Giamatteo, Executive Vice President, Consumer Business Group at McAfee points out: “The best security software is the kind that people actually use. Together with ARRIS, we are making it easier than ever for consumers to protect every connected device in the home.”

The ARRIS SURFboard SBG7580-AC is a gigabit cable modem gateway with Wi-Fi router, Ethernet hub and the home Internet security centre. It is available exclusively at BestBuy.com. It will help to stop malware, phishing and other threats from  reaching Internet-connected appliances and products like smart thermostats, speakers and cameras.

“As consumers install increasing numbers of connected devices into their home, savvy cybercriminals have morphed their focus to those new devices, knowing that many consumers fail to take the proper security precautions to protect themselves,” ARRIS declared this week. “Today, any device that connects to the Internet is a potential target if not properly secured. This is why we have partnered with McAfee, a leading independent cybersecurity company, to enable best-in-class security at the point where data flows in and out of the home.”

ARRIS claims the SBG7580-AC is the first gateway to incorporate device security into the gateway. “Instead of installing and updating security software on every single connected device, now people can simply connect to protect,” says Sandy Howe, SVP and GM, Consumer Products Group at ARRIS.

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