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Chilean telco GTD ‘upcycles’ its legacy STB population using Amino ENABLE as part of a wider UEX upgrade strategy

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Chilean telco GTD has deployed Amino’s ENABLE virtual set-top box software platform. It means the company can upgrade its STBs, extend the lifespan of its legacy devices and ensure a unified user interface across its whole customer base. The two companies say this approach will lead to  dramatic cost savings (in both CapEx and operational expenses).

GTD, having moved to an all IP network, needed to adapt both its middleware and STB hardware platforms to take advantage of new network capabilities. With an extensive customer base still using legacy STBs, it was considered vital that the IPTV provider not only extend the life of its existing hardware deployments, but also enhance its infrastructure by implementing a more stable middleware platform. ENABLE means it can ‘upcycle’ the legacy STBs as well as bring in new Amino devices.

Cristian Tobar, TV Technical Director at Grupo GTD, notes: “We know it is vital for GTD to keep up with customer demands for a modern user experience, but we need to do this in an efficient way that makes good financial sense. Amino ENABLE has allowed us to do that, improving operational capabilities, reducing ongoing costs and helping us get the most from our existing capital investments.”

You can read more about Amino ENABLE here.

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