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NOWO introduces OTT service and creates a unified headend to converge workflow with existing cable offer

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Portugal-based telco NOWO has selected video processing solutions from AWS Elemental to power a unified headend delivering digital cable and OTT video services. The operator prioritized a software-based, unified headend approach so it could combine the requirements of the two services within an integrated, end-to-end workflow.

NOWO launched its subscription-based OTT service to customers in the Portuguese market this year, debuting a package of 70 channels accessible through set-top boxes, on the web and via iOS and Android devices. There are plans to add 30 channels later this year. The new service includes live streaming, VOD, catch-up and start-over TV. A cloud PVR service will soon be offered.

NOWO uses AWS Elemental Live to software encode video signals from satellite and broadcast sources into multiple adaptive bitrate outputs across the 70 channels NOWO provides. Elemental Conductor manages the encoder deployment for system redundancy and uninterrupted service delivery. AWS Elemental Server software is used to transcode files to the NOWO vault, creating on-demand assets for delivery to TVs, computers and mobile devices.

The TV software provider Androme, and systems integrator VP Media Solutions, helped provision the OTT infrastructure. The AWS Elemental solutions integrate via REST APIs with the Androme Nebula platform, which serves as backend and frontend applications for NOWO’s linear and OTT services, and with castLabs’ DRM solutions, which perform digital rights management.

Ana Maria Teixeira, CTO at NOWO, says: “When we defined our OTT strategy we insisted on a state-of-the-art viewing experience, backed by a resilient video workflow that assures outstanding quality of service without overburdening our staff. With AWS Elemental video processing software, our workflow is highly efficient to operate, while giving us the flexibility to continuously enhance our services and stay ahead of evolving standards, consumer preferences and device technologies.”

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