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IBC: Anevia adds Disaster Recovery feature to Cloud DVR product to guarantee lifetime storage of users’ cloud-based recordings

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At IBC, French OTT video solutions provider Anevia will introduce a new Disaster Recovery feature as part of its Cloud DVR offering, which debuted at last year’s show. This ensures and guarantees the durability of users’ cloud-based recordings.

Cloud DVR simplifies the integration between streaming and storage using Anevia’s EDS (Embedded Distributed Storage) system. As its name suggests, this embeds storage on servers, which halves the requirement for physical rack units.

Disaster Recovery leverages EDS by spreading users’ stored recordings across several servers, themselves spread over separate sites. Using geo-replication and load balancing technologies, Anevia synchronizes the databases of the different clusters, confining the information circulating between different sites to the exchange of synchronization information.

In this way, Anevia says it is able to guarantee the permanent, dual-site storage of user content. This makes it possible to distribute the load between two sites to offer the same content, in addition to ensuring the reliability and the security of the storage.

Damien Lucas, CTO and co-founder of Anevia, explains that the new Disaster Recovery feature allows his customers to guarantee to their subscribers that they will never lose their content, since the records are stored on two separate, platforms continually being synchronised in real time. “Even if an entire storage site broke down, the records would be secure and accessible to the viewer from the second site for life,” he says.

Anevia has already deployed Disaster Recovery with its historic customer in Switzerland, Net+, where it helped the company migrate its IPTV platform to OTT. This migration required Net+ to make sure that no recorded content was lost, so as to ensure continuity of service for its users.

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