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IBC: See Android TV Client version of 3READY UX front-end used as custom launcher for Android TV Operator Tier

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Google will demonstrate the 3READY Android TV Client from 3 Screen Solutions (3SS) as an example of a custom launcher for the Android TV Operator Tier at IBC2017. The Operator Tier version of the Android open source middleware gives TV service providers control of their user experience, which becomes the default view for consumers.

3READY is currently being rolled out internationally for projects based on Android TV Operator Tier and 3SS claims its ‘front-end’ is particularly geared to help optimise Android-based STB and multiscreen deployments.

“The 3READY Custom Launcher is fully compliant with all the latest Android TV Operator Tier guidelines and features of Android N, and is future-ready to embrace upcoming Android O. Netflix is integrated according to operator requirements,” the company points out. “There is a flexible front-end, pre-engineered to deliver today’s most compelling functional requirements. An operator can introduce branded services faster, with state-of-the-art application architecture that is ready to customise to the operator’s needs.”

3SS is also revealing new 3READY features at IBC. These deliver  enhanced branding, marketing and revenue opportunities. Service providers can now develop theme-based service bouquets with 3READY, for example. Content packages can be developed to cater to specific audience groups, with a look and feel and UX that can be customised with channel and content brands managed via the 3READY Control Center.

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