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IBC: TV navigation that is guided by touch feedback, with journey patterns mirrored across different screens

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Ruwido will be demonstrating an entertainment navigation paradigm at IBC2017 where the remote control provides a journey pattern that is punctuated by haptic-touch responses that you can feel, and which act as guideposts so you understand where you are in the journey without having to look at the screen you want to control. Furthermore, the navigation pattern is mirrored across different screens, including multiple entertainment screens in a living room, providing familiarity.

The system is called TICTACTILE and will be demonstrated in Amsterdam. In its own words, Ruwido explains: “This is enhanced smart device navigation that features haptic feedback technologies for intuitive pattern control. Due to the pattern structure of the navigation field of the input device that is mirrored on the graphical user interface, the system can be applied not only to the first, second or third screen in the living room, but also to other business cases like in-car infotainment systems.

“Featuring the best elements of touch, the TICTACTILE system supports blind navigation on devices that are defined by the physical distance between humans and machines, like the remote control or in-car infotainment systems. Haptic landmarks on the navigation field can easily be felt with the fingertips.

“As opposed to a flat touch area where the user has to constantly evaluate the position of the pointer on the screen, these haptic landmarks provide unobtrusive feedback and simplify target acquisition with less distractions.”

Ferdinand Maier, CEO at ruwido, comments: “In order to make content more easily accessible, it is important to offer a holistic experience for the user, no matter which screen is used to access the content. Consumers use haptic feedback and tactile senses, rather than visual senses, to move through menus, with a pattern they will recognise regardless of the screen. TICTACTILE enables user experience excellence.”

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