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IBC: Conax ensures operators can isolate OTT services and other third-party apps from Pay TV on connected STBs

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Conax has launched a TEE (trusted execution environment) content security solution called Conax Lynx that enables strong isolation on hybrid set-top-boxes, reduced integration effort for middleware partners and compliance with MovieLabs ECP recommendations. The company has also released a new cardless security client that pre-integrates with Lynx – called Conax Prime Access.

Conax Lynx works with Conax smartcard and cardless security clients (including the new Prime Access) and allows operators to embed OTT services in the same set-top-box without compromising the security levels of the DVB (Pay TV) services. Isolation of Pay TV services will give operators confidence that they can employ connectable STBs that are open to third-party apps.

Conax Lynx is ready for a world of advanced middleware solutions including ‘proprietary’ softwares like Open TV and open source versions like Android TV and RDK. A standardised middleware API set makes life easier for middleware vendors who plan to integrate with the Conax security solution on multiple set-top-boxes, the vendor says. Meanwhile, operators can select from the middleware solutions that deliver the high-end user experience needed for higher ARPU subscriber segments. Conax Lynx also meets the MovieLabs ECP guidelines.

Conax Prime Access, the second major Conax product announced at IBC2017, is pre-integrated with Lynx. This combination securely controls the content decryption process, the secure media pipeline (SMP) and the usage rights handling mechanisms of the premium content. Prime Access performs security-sensitive computing in an isolated secure processor, using a hardware root-of-trust and the DVB chipset’s in-built security features.

Prime Access eases the integration effort for the content security solution in advanced set-top-boxes, Conax says. It operates alongside other Conax security solutions from the company’s unified security hub, Conax Contego.

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