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Normalising addressable TV advertising: find out how it is going to happen at Future TV Advertising Forum

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This summer, Sky and Virgin Media announced they are cooperating to create what, in effect, will be a unified addressable advertising set-top box footprint in the UK. Initially focused on linear addressable, the immediate priority is to help channels that are already AdSmart-enabled on Sky in the UK to become addressable in Virgin households.

Then in September, GroupM unveiled Finecast, an initiative to eventually provide brands with a single-buy access point into addressable TV inventory from every broadcaster on every platform in the UK. This solution will roll out to other markets over time.

What is behind these two needle-moving announcements? The top-level answer is that they are part of the process of normalising household-level addressable TV advertising so that, in the mid-term, addressable no longer stands apart as something that requires extra effort to plan and execute. These initiatives point towards TV targeting with less complexity and cost, and integrating addressable advertising into the wider media planning universe.

If you want to understand the trajectory for addressable TV advertising in Europe, then take a look at Future TV Advertising Forum, the world’s No.1 TV advertising strategy conference, in London this December. There is a whole session dedicated to how we normalise advanced advertising (primarily addressable) and another session focused on how we get everyone into the addressable business. You can find full details on these sessions here.

Normalising advanced advertising

Addressable for everyone

Future TV Advertising Forum is hosted at Kings Place, close to King’s Cross and St Pancras stations in central London, on December 6 and 7, 2017. You can find more details here.

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