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Alticast adds cloud rendering of HTML5 authored interfaces and apps to its Apex UEX virtualisation platform

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Alticast will introduce cloud rendering on its Apex user experience virtualisation platform next year. Pay TV operators will be able to deliver interfaces and applications that are authored in HTML5 but rendered on a virtual browser in the cloud so that the images can be transmitted to their set-top boxes. This approach enables rapid time-to-market for initial deployment, ongoing changes and upgrades of on-demand interfaces, games, TV shopping and other applications, Alticast says.

The new solution can be used for full or partial static user interfaces and apps and simplifies the demands on the client devices that need to display them. Last month Alticast announced a rendering approach that uses Javascript conversion processes to allow delivery of rich animations to STBs. Both solutions can be used to improve TV services.

Korea Telecom recently revealed that it is using Alticast’s Apex platform to deliver a graphics-rich UX for both linear and on-demand content, completely virtualising STB functions across nearly 5 million already-deployed IPTV set-top boxes from Humax, Kaon, DMT and Samsung. The new cloud-based UX replaces older text-based UIs even on low-power set-top boxes. It enables picture-in-picture capabilities and cover art images that enhance the discovery and navigation experience for subscribers.

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