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Divitel testlab designed to help television providers get to market faster with applications

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Divitel has opened a high-tech, automated TV and video application lifecycle testlab in Apeldoorn, The Netherlands, designed to help broadcasters, operators and other video service providers improve time-to-market for their applications while ensuring Quality of Service on an increasingly wide range of end-user devices. The company says this is the first facility of its kind in Europe. Proprietary tools based on machine learning will automatically iterate and develop the functionality of the lab as more testing takes place.

Divitel is an independent system integrator and managed service provider for TV and video. The new facility harnesses its own capabilities and cutting-edge technology from different vendors, like Witbe (creators of robotized testing and monitoring software for QoE on end-user devices) and Agama Technologies (developers of advanced video service quality software).

Hans Kornmann, CEO and founder of Divitel says: “This high-tech facility perfectly addresses an issue we see many in the TV and video industry struggle with: How do you ensure your service evolves at the speed end-users and technological developments require, without compromising on the quality of experience? How do you launch and operate a service that works everywhere, on every device, with the desired end-user video quality, while maintaining speed and agility? The video testlab enables clients of any size to compete, instead of just survive.”

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