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fuboTV starts to monetise its OTT sports offer with advertising as well as subscriptions, helped by SpotX programmatic

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Having previously relied mainly on subscriptions to monetize its sports streaming service, fuboTV introduced advertising last summer and quickly made its live ad insertion technology available to advertisers via direct buy campaigns. The company then sought out a supply-side platform for both private marketplace and open exchanged traded ad campaigns – and has turned to SpotX for this. The integration “is expected to increase fuboTV’s market share by giving more brands, agencies and trading desks unparalleled access to sports fans who are streaming fuboTV’s live content across connected TV, mobile and desktop,” SpotX declares.

fuboTV is one of the fastest- growing OTT services in the US, offering coverage of marquee sports events, as well as popular news and entertainment programming. Channels on the service collectively telecast more than 30,000 live sporting events per year, spanning NFL playoffs, Super Bowl LII, the 2018 Winter Olympics, FIFA World Cup, NHL, NBA, MLB, UFC, EPL (English Premier League), La Liga, Bundesliga, the Kentucky Derby and Tour de France.

More than 150 national brands purchased fuboTV’s advertising inventory programmatically during the fourth quarter of last year, double the Q3 2017 figures. Additionally, 50 of the top 100 spending U.S. advertisers now run campaigns on fuboTV via SpotX.

SpotX will enable fuboTV to dynamically target audiences by a variety of different data segments including live vs. VOD, DMA, device and language. In addition, fuboTV is leveraging SpotX’s demand facilitation services to connect premium brands with the service’s niche inventory. fuboTV has seen private marketplace deals increase an average of 55% monthly via SpotX. Adobe Ad Cloud is among the first demand-side platforms (DSPs) integrated with fuboTV to transact programmatically through SpotX.

“Live OTT as a medium is becoming more and more important to advertisers and fuboTV obviously has its finger on the pulse. We are excited to help drive monetisation for fuboTV’s unique content portfolio,” says Ryan Kenney, VP of Platform Services at SpotX.

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