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Look beyond regulatory compliance – GDPR is a chance to build trust and gather more data

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GDPR, the European data regulation that comes into force this Spring (and which in theory could be used to fine companies 4% of global annual turnover for breaches of consumer privacy and other non-compliance) is an opportunity to create trust and transparency that will boost a service provider business. That is the view of Laurence Miall D’Aout, VP Advanced Advertising at Liberty Global. She told Cable Congress 2018 that your attitude to GDPR can set a business apart: it must be treated as an opportunity rather than a burden.

“GDPR puts privacy back in the hands of customers” is how she described the top-level objective for the legislation. “We want to make sure that we are not just compliant, but that we are building trust with our customers. It [GDPR] is an opportunity to generate data that maybe you would not have had before. It you implement it well, it creates a framework where you can collect more data from your customers.”

Miall D’Aout said it is paramount that you know what you want from the customer, how their data will be used, and how you communicate that. Like every service provider, Liberty Global must accept the possibility that some people will opt-out of future marketing or services like targeted advertising.

Miall D’Aout sees an opportunity to establish a consenting data relationship that is better than anything Google or Facebook could manage. “This is a business opportunity if we do it well,” she emphasised.

Jacques-Edouard Guillemot, SVP Executive Affairs at Kudelski Group, which includes NAGRA and Conax and offers data analytics solutions as part of its wider multiscreen service delivery and backoffice capabilities, agrees that GDPR is a chance to build greater trust. “You need your subscribers to trust what you are doing as part of an exchange of information. Remember that GDPR should not be about regulation; it is a trust issue.”

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