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Money returning to TV from digital, thanks to data-driven capabilities, says Liberty Global

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Better data analytics is already attracting advertising budget back from digital platforms [like Google and Facebook] to television, according to Laurence Miall D’Aout, VP Advanced Advertising at Liberty Global. “Brands went to digital because it had scale and data and because it offered attribution and because it is easy to trade. We have the scale and data and we have the potential for attribution. Do we have the ability to trade [using data-driven insights and targeting]? With TV3, our 50% [share] of SBS and Telenet, yes we do.”

Liberty Global has a Europe-wide strategy to develop data insights about viewing behaviour and audiences that can be used by channel owners to increase viewership or to introduce addressable advertising. The company owns TV3, the largest commercial broadcaster in Ireland. SBS is the Belgian commercial broadcaster that has started to offer addressable advertising on its inventory on the Telenet platform (which is majority owned by Liberty Global).

“In just a few months this has changed how SBS positions itself in the market. They are getting money back that had moved from TV to digital; it is flowing back to TV,” Miall D’Aout told an audience at Cable Congress 2018 in Dublin this week.


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