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AR prototype shows how coverage can be enhanced for sports spanning large geographic areas, like marathons

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Accedo has unveiled an Augmented Reality (AR) prototype for live broadcast sports events that last a long time and cover a wide physical area, like marathons, rally racing or cycling. The company has created a ‘bird’s eye view’ of a large geographical area by placing an interactive overview with real-time updates on a tablet or mobile phone. The AR experience, powered by the Accedo One video experience platform, was announced at NAB.

Fredrik Anderson, SVP Business Development & Co-Founder at Accedo, comments: “Augmented Reality lets you augment live broadcasts with additional information or experiences. Although the technology has been available for years, devices have only recently become affordable for consumer applications. Over the coming months we expect growing interest in this area. In particular, we believe that enhancing the sports experience with AR will be a great use case for this technology.”

Accedo says it is on a mission to help video service providers, brands and broadcasters overcome the technical challenges of delivering AR video experiences that scale. These challenges include fragmentation of the AR device market and synchronisation of live video with the AR interaction and information elements. Mano Kulasingam, SVP Products at the company, says, “Augmented Reality presents new types of interactions that pair well with sports, whether you are on location as a spectator or watching in your living room.”

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