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ARRIS and Cadent claim a first for unified cable and multiscreen ad solution

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ARRIS and Cadent are claiming a first for an innovative advertising solution that unifies traditional cable advertising and multiscreen advertising over IP, which traditionally have run on different technologies, with different business models. At NAB this week, the companies demonstrated a fully integrated dynamic advertising insertion solution that supports both QAM set-top boxes and multiscreen devices. They claim it is the first to enable cross-platform ad management, cross-platform ad insertion, cross-platform client measurement and cross-platform video delivery.

Cadent provides a Campaign Management and Ad Decision service that unifies the business side under one system. The ARRIS Manifest Delivery Controller (MDC) performs network-based ad insertion using manifest manipulation. An adaptive bitrate (ABR) video stream is the result and the ARRIS Video Unified Edge converts the video and highly targeted ads back into a stream that standard cable set-tops can view. This allows for both traditional zone-based (U.S. regional/local) ad targeting and impression-based targeting using demographic data on STBs and multiscreen devices.

Switched Digital Video technology on the cable network is used to collect and aggregate STB viewing and impression data. According to ARRIS, this detail rivals what you get from IP devices.

“This integrated approach brings the next-generation of ad delivery to legacy set-top boxes, allowing operators to invest in growing their IP video advertising business with a solution that will continue to support their existing advertising needs,” ARRIS says.

We will report on this solution in more detail during the next few weeks.

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