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RDK makes it easier to onboard OTT services as native apps or HTML

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The RDK community, which manages the shared source software for whole-home video and broadband devices, made easier OTT service/apps onboarding a priority for this year. The results were revealed at Connected TV World Summit recently, with improved support for the use of native apps, HTML and Javascript.

RDK Native Environment (RNE) provides an SDK for OTT service providers who are going to onboard themselves to a set-top box platform. It includes documentation and sample apps and is suitable for deep and expansive integrations. RDK has also made it easier to integrate HTML-based apps onto STB platforms, having completely upgraded the web browser in RDK using WPE. This could encourage the introduction of valuable long-tail OTT content onto operator platforms.

RDK has also taken account of developers who like to work in Javascript. Spark is a reduced version of the Javascript stack that was already in RDK and provides a direct layer into the graphics capabilities in the RDK stack and in the set-top box device. Native app performance is being promised using Javascript.

“We have been on a quest to make it easier for premium video applications to be integrated into RDK,” confirms Steve Heeb, President and General Manager of RDK Management. “This [onboarding] becomes easier when working with RDK.

“The very native SDK gives premium video applications deep levels of integration. The intention was to provide a common SDK – everyone gets the same one. The SDK is available to everyone. It is open source so they can change it a little, if they want. We can get feedback and fine-tune it.”

You can read more details about the apps onboarding initiative, as part of a wider look at RDK developments, in this story:

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