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New Videonet webcast: ‘Deploying Android TV Operator Tier STBs: A Masterclass from Com Hem’

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Com Hem has now commercially deployed its next-generation STB platform, Com Hem Tv, which is based on Android TV Operator Tier and uses Android N. On June 5, Videonet will be hosting a live webcast that brings together Com Hem, 3SS (the lead project partner, also responsible for UX/UI front-end) and the other key technology partners behind this ground-breaking project – Technicolor (STB hardware and middleware) and Verimatrix (revenue security). This is your opportunity to hear from (and address questions to) the people who were intimately involved in the implementation.

You can register for the free webcast here.

This discussion dives deep into:

  • Reasons why an operator might choose Android TV and Operator Tier
  • How an operator can customise the UX on top of Android TV
  • How to make sure you are compliant with the Operator Tier Requirements
  • How the project was managed, including the use of SAFe agile framework
  • The role of Google as a project partner
  • Managing and providing services across multiple networks with optimum efficiency
  • Key security/hardware performance and integration considerations when thinking about Android TV
  • Integrating partner apps and universal search on Com Hem TV Hub.

The webcast speakers are:

  • Thomas Helbo, CTO, Com Hem
  • Kai-Christian Borchers, Managing Director, 3 Screen Solutions
  • Gaëtan Delcroix, Vice President, Video Product Unit, Technicolor
  • Petr Peterka, CTO, Verimatrix
  • Chaired by John Moulding, Editor-in-Chief, Videonet

This Android TV implementation will be used by subscribers on Com Hem’s two technologically discrete and separately branded services, Com Hem and Boxer. It therefore encompasses DVB-C (cable), IPTV and OTT (on Com Hem) and DVB-T (terrestrial TV) with OTT (on Boxer).

This project made good use of A/B testing, like when fine-tuning the new EPG based on direct feedback from a sample group of subscribers. The project was delivered with maximum efficiency and speed thanks to rigorous compliance with SAFe (Scaled Agile Framework), the increasingly popular and practical experience-based software development framework designed to accelerate and optimise system deployments.

SAFe will be among the subjects discussed on the webcast, and you can read more about it here.

Sign up to the webcast, ‘Deploying Android TV Operator Tier STBs: A Masterclass from Com Hem, here.

Read our story about the Com Hem launch here.

Here are a few photos of the new Com Hem STB and UI/UEX….

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