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FC St. Pauli shows what even a smaller sports team can do with an online subscription service of its own

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The German 2.Bundesliga football club FC St. Pauli is demonstrating the extent to which sports teams can reach fans more directly with audiovisual and multimedia content services, how they can make use of what media rights they have and find compelling ways to engage users where they do not have live rights, and how the online sports experience can be enriched in general. The club is also demonstrating the power of data analytics to drive personalised experiences.

FC St. Pauli has launched on online service that combines a searchable on-demand video archive of all matches with live audio broadcasts. The streamed audio is complemented with live graphical simulations of matchplay. Match highlights are marked. Highlights clips are generated dynamically for each user and there is one-click access to scenes. There is granular team data covering performance, dominance and goal probability. Press conferences, interviews, training reports and background clips are also included. The football club charges a monthly subscription fee for access. 

All of this is supported on a new end-to-end multiscreen sports video platform devised by TeraVolt, called Jupiter. This takes advantage of the 3READY front end multiscreen solution from 3SS.

The heart of Jupiter is a data engine that dynamically captures information from the live action to create multiple feeds of video, statistics and screen graphics. These are used to enhance the audio broadcast. Using a combination of data capture and indexing, the Jupiter platform enables viewers to watch all highlight scenes in a sequence, if they want. Users can access all video of a particular player across the season.

Jupiter generates ratings for each player on the field, based on position and performance. Viewers can also decide for themselves who the best player was and which decisive action won or lost a game.

TeraVolt and 3SS created real-time visualisation software for the Jupiter video player so that on-field action can be represented as onscreen graphics. Animation can be used to show player positions and ball trajectory. This supplements audio commentary and ticker-based information.

“This ability to create a video-like experience online makes social media sharing easy for viewers, and it will prove valuable to any sports team wishing to broadcast directly to fans, but not in possession of live TV rights,” the two companies behind the technology solution (TeraVolt and 3SS) explain. Summaries of the action can be generated every 15 minutes for distribution via social media.

A/B testing capabilities within 3READY mean FC St. Pauli can test features with audiences. Short time-to-market is another benefit of this technology offer, the vendors say.

“With Jupiter, together with 3SS, we are offering an entirely new class of video platform for sports broadcasting,” declares Tobias Kunkel, Managing Partner of TeraVolt. “Our goal with Jupiter is to provide an end-to-end solution to enable sports teams of all kinds, like FC St. Pauli, to engage more deeply with fans via multimedia services that deliver deeper viewer appeal and traction, while also enjoying maximum operational flexibility,” he adds.

Kai-Christian Borchers, Managing Director of 3SS, comments: “We are excited about the potential of Jupiter to make watching and following sports more immersive and exciting for viewers on whatever device they choose. “We are collaborating to create state-of-the-art technology that delivers next generation services for subscribers.”

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