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Legacy Mediaroom STBs can now be upgraded to MediaFirst using a software client, avoiding new hardware

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MediaKind (formerly known as Ericsson Media Solutions) has announced a client software update that will move legacy Mediaroom set-top boxes onto the next-generation MediaFirst TV Platform. This means Pay TV operators can give all their customers the benefits of a converged multiscreen experience, following the ‘nobody gets left behind’ principle. The MediaFirst Client for Mediaroom is already in labs at several Mediaroom operators, with friendly user trials due to start soon. The first commercial roll-out will be in 2019. Consumers can continue using their current and familiar UI/UX or adopt the new version.

MediaKind estimates that operators can save $150 per customer by avoiding an STB replacement and the delivery and customer support costs that go with it. The combination of the MediaFirst Client for Mediaroom with the MediaFirst TV Platform results in significant infrastructure cost reductions, improved operational efficiencies, and greater visibility into platform usage, MediaKind says. MediaFirst comes with advanced analytics, supporting smart promotions and A/B testing, among other things.

Gowton Achaibar, COO and Head of R&D at MediaKind says: “In this new media age, viewers are constantly seeking more immersive and personalised ways to experience the media content that enriches their lives. For TV providers with legacy STBs the challenge has always been how to evolve their offering and provide the rich content experiences that consumers expect today, across all their devices.

“With MediaFirst Client for Mediaroom we have created a simple way for our Mediaroom customers to make this transition and gain the benefits of the MediaFirst TV Platform, with minimal disruption to existing subscriber bases.”

Mediaroom is the market leading IPTV platform with more than 40 million STBs deployed worldwide. MediaFirst unifies Pay TV, TV Everywhere and OTT services and its SaaS model provides the agility to develop at web-speed.

Consumers upgrading via MediaFirst Client for Mediaroom will notice a more personalised content environment. Depending on platform operator choices, they may also see external apps like Netflix and YouTube or enjoy voice control.

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