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IBC 2018: Anevia to demo latest updates to Genova Live OTT encoding software at IBC

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OTT and IPTV software provider Anevia will be highlighting the latest updates to its Ultra-Low Latency live OTT and IPTV encoding software, Genova Live, at IBC this year.

New features include an Ultra-Low Latency original design, and major improvements to 4K encoding and transcoding capabilities. Genova Live now combines both CPU and GPU acceleration, which Anevia says delivers 4K and high-quality streams at affordable hardware prices, while achieving ‘unrivalled density’: allowing up to 5 UHD multi-profile trans-codings at 60 fps with 10-bit HDR on a single server – a performance which the company claims is unmatched in the industry.

In addition, the Genova Live encoder can run on any commercial, off-the-shelf hardware, and can be integrated with the Genova OTT packager in the same box. Anevia also points out that the product has proven interoperability with several CDNs and decoder vendors, and can also be virtualized and run on Docker, a computer program that performs operating-system-level virtualization, in a public or private cloud.

Genova Live is just one of the products in Anevia’s portfolio, which offers a range of video compression, multiscreen IPTV head-end, Cloud DVR and CDN solutions, which have been widely adopted by service providers worldwide.

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