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IBC 2018: Jump to demo new Jump Data-Driven UX solution in association with Accedo at IBC

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Jump, which provides its Jump TV customer insight platform to video service providers, has announced the commercial release of its Jump Data-Driven UX solution, which will be featured at IBC in association with partner Accedo.

In combination with the Swedish company’s cloud-based Accedo One video experience platform, the UX solution forms an integral part of the Accedo Data-Driven Video Solution, which will be on display at the show.

Jump uses cutting-edge Big Data and AI technology customized for video industry use to help video service providers: gain valuable insights about their audience and content performance; predict churn to help them retain users; identify the clusters that video users belong to; and personalize the video experience through data.

The company says its customers will now be able to leverage their own customer data to provide a data-driven, dynamic user experience which will improve engagement and retention levels, helping to increase ROI.

Jerónimo Macanás, CEO and co-founder of Jump, argues that while video services generate more data than ever before that could be used to personalize their service, “most video providers face challenges when it comes to turning data into valuable insights.” Jump’s new data-driven product specifically addresses this challenge, he says.

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