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How sub-second latency, when live streaming, will enrich TV – new Videonet webcast

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Live streaming of premium TV content, from World Cup football to Royal Weddings, attracts ever-larger audiences. Video service providers have been on a quest to deliver broadcast-like scale and reliability to accompany the favourable economics, any-screen convenience and additional UI features available from ‘online’ services. The introduction of sub-second latency for live streaming finally opens the way for a ‘better-than-broadcast’ experience – enabling new ways to engage viewers and monetise them.

On Wednesday, December 12 at 1500 GMT, Videonet is hosting a live webcast to investigate the ‘Power of Now’. We look at the technology that has emerged from the WebRTC open project to enable real-time delivery, and how it can be implemented in a CDN environment for large-scale video distribution. You will hear about the many interactive features that become possible when live streaming has near-zero latency, from multiple camera angles to in-game betting and live-chat, to expanded coverage using synchronised companion screens.

This is a one-hour discussion and it will consider how you make WebRTC-enabled low-latency streaming part of your workflow. Are browsers ready for this technology and how easy is it to update apps? What impact, if any, is there on compression, DRM and advertising insertion, and how do you establish full redundancy that maintains sub-second latency? Can low-latency be achieved across any distance, for international distribution? We look at how you can test low-latency live streaming and the interactive features it enables.

Panellists will discuss the innovation opportunity for broadcasters and challenger OTT providers – with a special focus on increasing viewer engagement and creating new revenue streams. New business partnerships, like with betting or sports statistics companies, will be explored. You will also hear how live streaming is being optimised generally to take multiscreen television, including on connected TV devices, to another level.

The webcast speakers are Steve Miller Jones, Senior Director of Product Management at Limelight Networks, and Jason Thibeault, Executive Director at Streaming Video Alliance. You can register for the webcast here.

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