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Videonet webcast – Post-CES 2019 Roundup: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

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Videonet is hosting a debate with industry experts from the TV, telecoms and advertising industries to highlight the gems, and recreate the magic, from this year’s Consumer Electronics Show. Our panel will analyse what major technology and entertainment brands have been saying, the products and concepts that were launched, and the emerging technologies with the potential to change consumer lives and media businesses forever.

This live webcast will cover voice, AI, 5G, blockchain and screen technology, among other things. You will learn what the largest disruptors focused on in the exhibit halls. You will hear about interesting developments found in far-away corners of CES, including vendor demonstrations in hotel suites. Our experts have it covered, including all the latest buzzwords we will be hearing this year. Start 2019 with a post-CES bang.

The free webcast is live on Tuesday, January 22 at 1600 GMT. Confirmed speakers are: Nigel Walley, Managing Director at Decipher; Paul Gagnon, Executive Director of Analysis & Research at IHS Markit; and David Mercer, VP and Principal Analyst at Strategy Analytics. Justin Lebbon, Director at Mediatel Events, will be chairing. The webcast is free; you can register here.

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