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How the marketing and operations teams at Canal Digital benefit from the OnePlace Android TV platform

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Pay TV operator Canal Digital can now tailor cross-platform promotional offers based on individual viewing patterns and preferences for subscribers using its OnePlace Android TV service. This is just one of the outcomes from a next-generation STB implementation the operator performed with the help of 3SS. The company is making use of MixPanel, an analytics tool that uses behavioural data captured across different devices.

The interface between content management systems and subscriber management is also much improved following the OnePlace deployment, the operator reported recently when it gave new details on project outcomes for its subscribers and for the marketing and operations teams at Canal Digital. In-house commercial teams now have up-to-the-minute and accurate billing and payment data.

Canal Digital, which serves nearly 800,000 DTH satellite households across the Nordics, has also transformed its internal product development processes by embracing the principles of agile development found in ‘SAFe’ (Scaled Agile Framework). 3SS, the set-top box and multiscreen software specialist that developed the custom launcher that effectively layers the Canal Digital UX onto Android TV for the OnePlace service, introduced SAFe to the operator. (3SS has previously been credited with helping Com Hem adopt SAFe as part of another Android TV next-gen platform deployment).

SAFe is described as a practical, experience-based software development framework designed to accelerate and optimise system deployments. Regular workshops, concurrent work streams and rigorously organised project update sessions help inform and motivate all stakeholders in a project. All parties know the status of objectives and where they are in the progress of a detailed roadmap of deliverables.

Henke Erichsen, CTO & CIO at Canal Digital, says: “The scaled agile development methodology (SAFe) has been a revelation, and it has ignited a revolution in the way we approach product and technology development at company level. With SAFe, we now have a much more transparent, predictable and efficient development process, and our subscribers are reaping the benefits.”

Canal Digital’s OnePlace service was launched in February 2018 and delivers next-generation UHD entertainment on STBs, and PVRs based on Android TV, via satellite and OTT to viewers in Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland. The service includes Netflix integration. Recent UX enhancements include start-over viewing, and ‘coming soon’ teaser promotions to flag forthcoming content releases. The UI will also display already-subscribed services so the user knows, at a glance, whether an item of content or service is already contained in their package.

3SS, a key partner in the OnePlace project, delivered the world’s first major Android based TV platform (using AOSP) for Swisscom in 2014 and more recently helped Com Hem introduce its Com Hem Tv Hub (based on Android TV Operator Tier).

Focusing on the Canal Digital initiative, Kai-Christian Borchers, Managing Director at 3SS, says: “OnePlace continues to go from strength to strength. Canal Digital has delivered even more innovation, and we are proud that 3SS contributions, from introducing SAFe to further unlocking the potential of Android TV, are enhancing subscriber experiences.”


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