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Sky makes video home networking a point of competitive differentiation

Sky UK has revealed more about the motivations and technologies behind the premium home networking that is such an important part of the new Sky Q platform.

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Speculation mounts that Sky will launch new STB platform next week

Speculation is rife that a news event Sky has scheduled for next week (November 18) will be used to unveil a new set-top box platform and that it is called SkyQ.

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Editor’s Comment: Why each of us will need an IoT ‘off’ button

We have written recently (see stories at bottom) about the potential role for Pay TV operators and their vendors in the Internet of Things. One of the biggest value-adds they can provide is tackling data security and privacy issues associated with the IoT.

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Content security vendors need to prevent babycam hacking nightmares

Last November British newspapers reported the disturbing discovery that footage from security cameras in homes, gyms and offices was being streame

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The role of Pay TV in the Internet of Things

Many service providers already offer television, broadband and voice and some have introduced mobile to create the quad-play.

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The role of a Pay TV operator in the Smart Home

What is the role for a Pay TV operator in the Smart Home, that subset of the Internet of Things (IoT) that they can touch and therefore, perhaps, influence? The U.S.

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VidiPath “will result in people watching more subscription TV”

One of the important developments in Pay TV multiscreen TV is the arrival of CVP-2, the DLNA standard for getting subscription TV content onto CE devices securely.

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IBC demos: UHD, whole-home and better looking STBs

Last week we published the Editor’s Top Three demonstrations from IBC (immersive UHD sport, UHD UI and Netflix & Co. integrated into STB platforms).

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Faster innovation creates organisational challenges for Pay TV

The Pay TV industry is striving to shorten its innovation cycles and so get new services to market faster, then make updates more easily and therefore more frequently.

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