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The role of a Pay TV operator in the Smart Home

What is the role for a Pay TV operator in the Smart Home, that subset of the Internet of Things (IoT) that they can touch and therefore, perhaps, influence? The U.S.

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VidiPath “will result in people watching more subscription TV”

One of the important developments in Pay TV multiscreen TV is the arrival of CVP-2, the DLNA standard for getting subscription TV content onto CE devices securely.

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IBC demos: UHD, whole-home and better looking STBs

Last week we published the Editor’s Top Three demonstrations from IBC (immersive UHD sport, UHD UI and Netflix & Co. integrated into STB platforms).

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Faster innovation creates organisational challenges for Pay TV

The Pay TV industry is striving to shorten its innovation cycles and so get new services to market faster, then make updates more easily and therefore more frequently.

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RDK ready for Europe; first commercial deployment coming soon

Liberty Global is currently finalizing its trials for a commercial launch of an RDK-based STB platform in Poland, which will be the most significant development for RDK in Europe so far.

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RDK helps Pay TV industry prepare for its looming battle with Apple, Google and Amazon

RDK, the shared source, community driven CPE (Customer Premise Equipment) software stack, is already proving its value as an engine for innovation.

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The future of devices: RDK important, vSTB less so

During a discussion about the future of devices at Connected TV Summit last week, there was a near-consensus that the set-top box is far from dead and indeed could enjoy a boost thanks to RDK, the shared source CPE (customer premise equipment) initiative for the Pay TV industry.

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How the Pay TV CPE ecosystem is fighting back

Five years ago, when Connected TV Summit  (which opens its doors in London next week) was launched, television manufacturers offered the promise of on-demand and catch-up TV on the television set, and linear streaming video from a longer tail of con

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CPE upgrade cycle driven by HEVC-HD as well as HEVC-UHD

The Pay TV industry is on the verge of another generational refresh of its Customer Premise Equipment (CPE), driven primarily by the need to introduce hardware-based HEVC (H.265) decoding, deliver multiscreen TV around the home, support advanced user interfaces (UIs) and possibly embed Wi-Fi.

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