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Android TV Operator Tier takes Com Hem closer to being a class-leading operator

Com Hem and its key technology partners gave a detailed account of the Com Hem Tv Hub implementation this week – revealing the business and technology considerations that resulted in one of the world’s first deployments of Android TV Operator Tier. Com Hem CTO Thomas Helbo described the potential of what he calls an ‘Internet entertainment friendly set-top box’.

Vewd OS and app store ecosystem ready for operator set-top box market

The Vewd app store contains 1,000 content providers and has a huge footprint across retail devices, helped by a presence on Smart TVs manufactured by Vestel, among others. Vewd OS delivers a video-centric UI that makes it easy to traverse broadcast and online. At IBC in September, this ecosystem will be presented as a solution for operator set-top boxes including gateway clients and pure-play streaming devices.

How TVSquared is helping to link TV ad exposure to brand outcomes

TVSquared acquired wywy and its automatic spot detection technology last year so it knows when an ad has been aired. Advertisers provide website, app, call centre and store activity data. The company filters out base-level online traffic, takes account of the weather and judges the impact of other media. The result is an assessment of what value a TV campaign delivered, and how you can optimise spend next time.

The technology roadmap that could give everyone their own version of a TV show

TVU Networks has outlined a vision, and introduced some of the technologies, that could industrialise the ultra-personalisation of TV programming. A programme from the Geneva Motor Show would include different reports depending on your consumer profile, like size of family and if you like sports cars. Asset and metadata management needs a revamp in order to make it realistic.

We need to bridge commerce and advertising more effectively, says FreeWheel

As part of Comcast, FreeWheel can work more closely with Comcast Technology Solutions towards a more holistic view of total content monetisation. Content could be switched between subscription and ad-funded, and between SVOD, TVOD and AVOD, depending on what works best at any given time. The run-up to a tennis tournament could be made freely available with advertising, while the event coverage itself goes behind a pay wall, as one example of how flexible the transitions could become.

A vision of how broadcasters can unify their linear and digital advertising offers

There are occasions, like for ‘tentpole’ live sports events, when it could make sense to replicate the broadcast advertising breaks on the digital (multiscreen) simulcast. Baked-in ads may not raise any revenue, yet if you use a traditional ad server it will make its own decisions on what ads to place and where. FreeWheel has found a way to serve and monetise digital ads on an impression-by-impression basis while keeping the linear ad schedule intact, and this is just one part of a larger vision to unify digital and broadcast.

The Connies 2018 winners are announced, with Verimatrix taking top international prize

Verimatrix won the ‘International Grand Prix’ and ‘Video Technology Hero’ category at The Connies yesterday with Federated Rights Management. Freeview Australia, Media Distillery, ITV and Channel 4 were also category winners as innovators from every sector of the media industry gathered in London for the annual awards lunch.

Connies 2018: we profile all the shortlisted international entries

Why were products and services shortlisted for the Connies 2018 and what did the judges like about the Bronze, Silver and Gold awards winners? We profile the submissions from the international categories so you can decide if you agree with the judges.

How broadcasters can compete for international budgets against Google and Facebook

RTL AdConnect combines everything a future-facing broadcaster initiative should in the battle for international campaign budgets. It gives brands access to TV, broadcaster VOD, MCN and other digital inventory across 12 territories. It brings four non-RTL broadcast groups into something close to an alliance. It exploits local market expertise to deliver a ‘glocal’ solution. There are media modelling, planning and reporting services. There is one entry point for the buy, and the opportunity to use bespoke creative solutions.

One way to use face recognition to improve TV, as Royal Wedding guests get...

Sky News has unveiled a powerful use of machine learning and face recognition for TV. The broadcaster is working with AWS and others to give viewers a ‘Who’s Who’ guide to the guests arriving at this month’s Royal Wedding. The guests will be identified in real-time and their names and information about them will then be revealed to viewers who want to see it. This multiscreen application is designed to enrich the live event coverage.

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