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BBC Chairman David Clementi

BBC calls for regulation that helps PSBs compete with tech giants

BBC Chairman David Clementi used his speech at this week's Oxford Media Convention to raise questions about whether regulation devised in the linear era is fit for today's digital world. Urging regulators not to disadvantage public service broadcasters against global competitors like Netflix and YouTube, he stressed the urgency of the BBC's plans to revamp the iPlayer, complaining Ofcom has slowed the BBC down at a time when speed is of the essence.

NBCU and Sky unify their advanced advertising solutions under AdSmart brand

The addressable TV advertising solution Sky developed in the UK will be deployed in the USA. Meanwhile, NBCU’s solution for optimised linear buying and its work to use AI to improve the contextual placement of ads near programming scenes will be applied in the UK. The ambition is to create a global solution for advanced premium video advertising. AdSmart will enable international brands and businesses to easily activate targeting and optimisation solutions to reach customers around the world.

The agency model may not be broken, but bad agencies are

Future of Brands Sydney provoked a frank debate about whether the agency model is broken. The best agencies may be clean but are still impacted by the transparency sins of others. There is still a trust problem. Remuneration models leave media services a target for procurement. There are plenty of things to fix, but there is no one-size-fits-all model to break: agile agencies have evolved and can find opportunities even in in-housing.

Living with FAANG – Connected TV Summit explores cooperation and competition

This year’s Connected TV World Summit provides thought leadership on a selection of pressing questions. How do you live with FAANG, cooperating and competing against them? What is the direct-to-consumer opportunity and what are the disruptive implications of this mega-trend? How can incumbent Pay TV operators become hero brands in their own market, and how do we grow advertising revenues?

Australia prepares for a world-first Total TV measurement and shared audience targeting platform

VOZ is unique: think BARB Dovetail and OpenAP rolled into one, supported by every major commercial broadcaster in the market. It is a Total TV measurement system that is integrated with a database that enables audience-based buying, like targeting auto-intenders across broadcast or streaming TV. This world-class toolbox is due for delivery mid-year and is a potential game-changer, albeit with some practical issues to solve around trading.
Picture of BBC and ITV's planned UK Britbox service

Channel 4 in ‘positive discussions’ about joining BritBox

Channel 4 is in “positive and constructive discussions” about partnering with the BBC and ITV on their new UK streaming service, BritBox. Channel 4 CEO Alex Mahon made the comments during the Media and Telecoms 2019 and Beyond conference, where BBC Director General Tony Hall also spoke about plans for BritBox and the iPlayer. Both execs used the stage to call for regulation to help public service broadcasters in today's media landscape.
Picture of Jeremy Darroch

Sky CEO discusses innovation and disruption post-Comcast

Sky and Comcast are already seeing clear benefits from their combination, according to Sky boss Jeremy Darroch. Speaking at Media and Telecoms 2019 and Beyond this week, Darroch said that Comcast's voice interface is coming to Sky Q and that NBCUniversal's 2020 AVOD service will be powered by Now TV's technology. He also spoke out about the 'dark side' of social media and called for more regulation of the tech giants.

Pluto TV acquisition helps Viacom expand its direct-to-consumer and ad-supported streaming presence

Viacom has agreed to buy Pluto TV, the free, ad-supported streaming television service with 12 million active monthly users. It gives Viacom a bigger presence on connected platforms and a new DTC outlet for some of its content. The Pluto TV subsidiary will help Viacom grow its advanced advertising business and creates a new opportunity to monetise library titles. Pay TV partnerships are unaffected, as Viacom continues its strategy to work with operators and seek incremental business via digital.

Major media owners get behind Blockgraph to enable large-scale, privacy compliant P2P advertising data...

Comcast, Viacom, Charter Communications and Mediaset are onboard the Blockgraph initiative, which seeks to make data sharing and matching more secure, more scalable and easier for the TV industry. An early application for Blockgraph is addressable TV advertising. The technology has been incubated by FreeWheel, within Comcast Cable Advertising. All media companies are being invited to get involved. NBCU has been testing the technology.

CMAF can reduce live streaming latency to two-seconds, but sub-second delays require WebRTC

CMAF is gaining a lot of attention for its ability to reduce the latency in live video streaming. Limelight Networks has conducted successful tests in its CDN showing the technology can reduce delays to as little as two-seconds. But there are media companies who need to break the sub-second latency barrier, partly to make streaming the true equal of broadcast TV, in terms of the user experience, and partly to open up new interactive and monetisation opportunities. There is a new standards-based streaming technology that makes this possible.

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