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ProSiebenSat.1 can charge double the CPM for IP-delivered broadcast ad insertions, compared to classic...

The German broadcaster achieved 27% incremental reach during one campaign for BMW, using a targeted ad insertion solution that delivers static graphical ads via IP that then overlay all or part of the broadcast signal when viewers change channel. The ‘SwitchIn’ product is now the highest priced inventory that ProSiebenSat.1 owns.

Spott wins ‘Ad-Tech Start-Up of the Year’ award at Future TV Advertising Forum

A short-list of start-up innovators were asked to present to a panel of senior TV and marketing executives to demonstrate their value to the video advertising ecosystem. Spott makes visual content interactive and shoppable, and the company wants to help media companies move from push marketing to pull marketing. The firm ‘pitched’ to judges in front of the FTVA audience in London.

Sky Media shows how TV can become indispensable to cross-platform advertisers

The Sky sales house has moved itself up the value chain so that conversations are no longer about transactions and execution and instead about planning strategy, performance and optimisation, including for unified digital/TV campaigns. The company can compete with digital giants on data and, soon, the size of its targeting footprint.

Sorenson Media smart TV implementation is the first piece of the broadcast addressable jigsaw...

The UK’s largest commercial broadcaster will introduce addressable advertising on all its broadcast channels next year, but only on smart TVs. The IP-into-broadcast DAI solution will get the company part-way to where it needs to be. The deal demonstrates that there is no longer a Pay TV monopoly on broadcast addressable capabilities.

A GRP drives more Tweets about the advertiser on TV programmes with highly-engaged viewers

Kantar Media’s Global Director of Social TV, Carlos Sanchez, brought IBC conference delegates up to speed about its research into the relationship between social media activity and TV viewing, showing a correlation between the performance of Twitter and Facebook, and revealing that TV programmes with highly-engaged viewers receive more Tweets.

40% of Facebook video viewing-time comes from sharing, says Facebook, as it reveals thinking...

Facebook Product Director, Daniel Danker, discussed the thinking behind the social media giant's new Facebook Watch platform at IBC, revealing a focus on reality TV through episodic 'shows' often fronted by online 'celebs' - apparently positioning the new product as a YouTube competitor. Video is “entirely community-driven” and creators take 55% of any ad revenues.

Future TV Advertising Forum 2017: agenda published

Future TV Advertising Forum will focus on some of the marketing fundamentals in December, with leading TV buyers discussing whether advertisers are over-targeting and over-spending on digital. The conference explores how the TV industry can play to its strengths in the battle against digital giants like Google and Facebook, whether that is with multi-broadcaster programmatic reach, proper exploitation of live streaming, holistic TV/digital campaigns or, of course, better measurement.

GroupM launches Finecast to give single-buy access to addressable TV inventory from every broadcaster...

The media agency group has created a buying system that it hopes will be plugged into addressable inventory on all UK Pay TV platforms, free-to-air platforms (when they enable addressable executions), and direct-to-consumer broadcaster streamed services, covering on-demand and linear. Advertisers can target specific audiences and Finecast will find them, everywhere, via a single buy. The solution will roll out to other markets over time.

Sky and Virgin prove the TV industry can set aside its rivalries to deliver...

The Pay TV rivals are working to implement a unified addressable TV platform with a footprint of 12 million homes and 30 million people. Advertisers will be able to access this market through a single source. Sky Media’s Jamie West explains the rationale behind the partnership, which is about giving marketers what they have been asking for: advanced ad-tech at scale and with minimal complexity.

Channel 4: “Now no difference in value between an All 4 impact and a...

Recent improvements to UK public TV broadcaster Channel 4’s ability to target ads and personalise the audience experience mean that it now makes as much money from an impact on its All 4 portal as it does from one on its linear channels. The All 4 audience can be divided by ‘taste’ into nine different segments, rather than simply through demographics, age and gender.

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