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CableLabs unveils its “Big Hairy Audacious Goal” for the cable industry

A BHAG - Big Hairy Audacious Goal – is a bold ambition that can energise an industry or nation and has a clear finish line, like putting a man on the moon within a decade. For the cable industry this should be delivering the augmented reality, AI and VR experiences that will change our lives, and which will be made possible by super-fast and low-latency connectivity.

Combining the STB, TV soundbar and Alexa means telcos can stand out from the...

Netgem has unveiled its SoundBox proof-of-concept, which buries the set-top box inside a powerful soundbar featuring Alexa voice services. It means less digital clutter but more importantly gives IPTV providers a chance to take popular CE innovations to the mass-market with their subsidized CPE model. They can also become the touchpoint for streaming music services.

Taking smart home services to the mass market – and how Deutsche Telekom is...

Broadband operators must use every consumer touchpoint, including retail stores, to educate people about the value of smart home services. They need to compete in the smart home hardware market, using their proven subsidy model. They should cross-sell and discount against quad-play. They must win the battle to provide the IoT hub. Then they can exploit what could become a huge market.

Amino the transformation partner: From IPTV STBs to cable, TVE and the smart home...

Amino has long been recognized as an IPTV pioneer but in an increasingly cloud-centric and software-centric industry it wanted to offer more. Now, thanks to two very strategic acquisitions, the company has transformed itself into a solutions partner for cable, IPTV and hybrid deployments and for operators who need TV Everywhere, smart home services and service assurance. Two Pay TV providers this year have deployed Amino STB software on their legacy devices. Amino’s CEO Donald McGarva discusses the journey that his company and his customers are on.

MoCA Access presented as the only solution for 1 Gbps broadband between MDU basement...

The new media over coax specification is for access networks, not home networks. It supports ultra-fast broadband from the point at which FTTH terminates in shared buildings to the individual households. MoCA claims G.fast over copper and G.fast over coax cannot compete, and expects a big market for the technology.

The role of service providers in the smart home and IoT

We investigate the potential role for broadband service providers in the smart home and Internet of Things, selling an experience more than bandwidth. They can provide the central hub, an open partner ecosystem and aggregation of third-party services. They could have the overall view of everything that happens in the home and possibly monetize their role as QoS guarantor.

Cable is hero in its own story; now it must become hero of everybody...

Cable Europe has been outlining its ambition for the cable industry as we enter the Gigabit era. The trade body says cable is best-in-class when it comes to bundling, content, the UI and networks. The big opportunity now is to facilitate innovation in other industries in a borderless digital world.

RDK-V has given Pay TV the upper hand in the battle against OTT

It was hoped that RDK-V, the shared-source and common software platform for set-top boxes, would reduce the cost of STB development, hasten roll-outs for...

Sky makes video home networking a point of competitive differentiation

Sky Q in action. The new platform will use a hybrid of mesh Wi-Fi and wired networking to ensure great multiscreenSky UK has revealed...

Speculation mounts that Sky will launch new STB platform next week

Speculation is rife that a news event Sky has scheduled for next week (November 18) will be used to unveil a new set-top box...

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