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IPTV close to overtaking DTT in France

France’s IPTV platform was poised to become the most popular way for French households to watch broadcast TV on their main television set this year, but the country’s switchover to an all-MPEG-4 DTT platform in April has thrown a spanner in the works (at least for the time being).

Single-slice HEVC encoding for live contribution is a major UHD milestone

Live UHD contribution feeds will not rely on stitching four separate AVC streams together for much longer. Now broadcasters can use a single encoder and single decoder to create full-frame pictures using HEVC. The process is much more efficient and enables end-to-end HEVC delivery. BT Media and Broadcast and Ericsson have been demonstrating the new technique.

IBM Cloud Video: Roland’s live music event shows how B2B is blending with B2C

Roland’s global music festival, held during IBC, was underpinned by IBM Cloud Video services, and offers a new template for data-rich online event broadcasting, and demonstrates merging of B2B and B2C models.

Securing video analytics data: the law and best practice

For video service providers, adopting a data analytics solution is fast becoming a must-have. The benefits can be dramatic, from more viewing to reduced churn. But data analytics exposes companies to new security and privacy risks that must be addressed, and they must make sure they are on the right side of the law.

Harmonic claims 50% improvement for AVC-ABR compression, boosting OTT video

The company uses new algorithms that have a better understanding of how humans perceive video, allowing data to be removed if nobody will notice the difference. The immediate market requirement is to improve OTT video using AVC, given that HEVC upgrades are not always possible.

Major operators live with Verspective data analytics platform, and evaluation programme unveiled at IBC

Five of the top ten U.S. cable operators are using the Verspective data analytics platform from Verimatrix. Customers can use Verimatrix to secure their data pipelines while using other CAS/DRM for their content protection. An evaluation programme is designed to encourage internal champions at service providers.

Genius Digital’s new Multiscreen Insights solution uncovers ‘multi-modal viewing’

Summary: At IBC, Genius Digital demonstrated how its award-winning new multiscreen-capable video data analytics engine, Multiscreen Insights, allows operators to gain new insights across all their devices, by accessing the data from a single source.

New DVB chair MacAvock promises active role for EBU within DVB, and suggests FoBTV...

At Peter MacAvock’s first IBC as DVB Chairman, he explained that his ‘day-job’ at the EBU would be used to provide a stronger linkage between the two organisations, particularly with reference to future mobile standards such as 5G.

Some operators could have all-IP cable video within 3-5 years

We could see cable operators delivering all their content over IP within 3-5 years, starting with VOD and then moving to long-tail linear channels and finally all linear programming. DOCSIS 3.1, CCAP and multicast ABR are three technologies that will make it possible.

The need for Gigabit broadband speeds

Although the smart home and IoT will encourage new services and applications that nobody has yet thought of, it is video entertainment that will drive demand for Gigabit broadband for the foreseeable future. More concurrent multiscreen viewing, 4K and the arrival of virtual reality, possibly including live VR streaming into social media, will fill the new pipes.

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