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GroupM would welcome ads on Netflix but has high hopes for broadcast audiences and...

The media buyer is worried that SVOD is taking viewers away from advertising and has indicated that it would welcome ad-supported offers from today’s popular SVOD services. GroupM hopes broadcast partners will give it the large scale addressable capabilities it wants – but Netflix ads would certainly increase the incentive for broadcast innovation.

Decision due next month, but DVB seems likely to pursue targeted advertising standard

The DVB has been consulting on whether the market needs standards to harmonize ad insertion and back-office processes for addressable and targeted advertising, across both broadcast and OTT networks. The European free-to-air market could be one of the main beneficiaries, but Pay TV platforms are also showing an interest.

Automated planning and short-term metrics will damage brands, says ITV

Automated planning, and the removal of humans who interpret data, is bad for brands. That is the warning from Simon Daglish, Group Commercial Director at ITV, who says the siren of immediate sales is driving media consideration more than the idea of creating and changing demand.

Budget will drift to the TV innovators in Canada, GroupM warns

Irwin Gotlieb, Global Chairman at GroupM, has confirmed that Canadian broadcasters and platform operators will be judged by the same standards as those in Europe and the U.S. and will be expected to provide uncomplicated access to quality addressable inventory, and soon. He also thinks Canadian TV has a solid future despite some strong pro-digital sentiment in that market.

Channel 4 study claims YouTube and Facebook video is less impactful than broadcaster VOD

The research, published during Ad Week Europe, found that the "true" cost per thousand (or minute) for broadcaster VOD completed ads is around 20% cheaper than YouTube and one-third of the cost of Facebook, including organic views. It also found that commercial broadcaster VOD delivers "significantly higher engagement levels, completion rates and watch time for advertisers" compared to VOD ads on YouTube and Facebook.

GroupM complains that ePrivacy directive will give too much power to media owners

The proposed legislation from the EC requires opt-ins when using personal data, which media owners can get. GroupM thinks this discriminates against responsible third-party data users like advertisers and data brokers, and will distort competition and disrupt audience selection and targeting.

We make television, not content, says ITV, as it fights for the values of...

ITV wants bad language taken off TV, with a ban on the words ‘traditional’, ‘content’ and ‘wastage’. The company is fed up with phrases that undermine broadcasters in their fight against digital advertising and says it is time to acknowledge that TV is ‘proven media’ and that it makes programming rather than content, and that there is no such thing as waste – only free bonus viewers.

Knowledge of what someone watched on their Smart TV, including OTT content, can be...

Samba TV is preparing for the European roll-out of an advertising solution that supports holistic TV-digital campaigns. Smart TV viewing data shows what someone has seen on their television screen, whether they are watching terrestrial TV, Pay TV channels or OTT SVOD. This knowledge is used to determine how a brand advertises to them online. A marketer could expose us to ads we saw on television, advertise to people who watched a particular show, or avoid anyone who has seen a specific TV advertisement already.

TV can have it all, delivering mass-awareness to advertisers and attracting new money for...

TV is brilliant at creating awareness for brands. This ‘top-of-the-funnel’ marketing function may be challenged in future but today is safe. Meanwhile TV can use addressable advertising to help marketers achieve ‘lower funnel’ activities related to consideration, preference and even transactions, attracting new money, even from trade budgets. And even if some TV budget shifts from awareness campaigns to addressable, the overall TV spend will rise.

The next step in digital advertising: Fusing direct and programmatic sales and inventory management

FreeWheel is working towards a truly holistic advertising platform that combines programmatic and direct sales. Prices offered via the different demand sources can be compared. In a dramatic development, the same ad break can be mixed with direct-sold and SSP-sourced ads. Canal+ has bought into the vision with its forthcoming deployment.

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