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Sky Media will focus more on business outcomes, and less on advertising ‘products’

Jamie West admits that talking to advertisers about ‘products’ was the wrong language. Rather than selling advertising technology, Sky Media wants to talk about outcomes in future, building solutions to match a business challenge a brand client has. Media metrics will be less important. After all, ratings are irrelevant if achieving maximum reach is not your objective.

AI techniques boost usage of TV ‘conversation systems’ by a quarter, TiVo finds

TiVo has been outlining the impact that machine learning and AI can have for content discovery. In the backoffice, these technologies can generate metadata, working at a scale that humans cannot compete with. Plot analysis can be boiled down to keywords about content, for example. Consumers, meanwhile, can tell a mic-enabled remote control or Alexa what they want to watch and the TiVo Conversation system will work out context to help deliver accurate results, even taking account of mistakes people will inevitably make when trying to identify movies or shows

Airbeem positions itself as a disruptor in the DTC OTT distribution platform space

Airbeem views itself as a disruptor in the streaming video marketplace, with a SaaS proposition that is not only cloud-based but more productised and affordable. The company offers an integrated solution that a Tier 2 or Tier 3 content owner can use to launch a direct-to-consumer proposition. The first conversation the company has with prospective clients is always about monetisation, executives stress. As far as possible, the service is then created ‘out-of-the-box’, with deployments possible across every device within 60-90 days.

Amino re-positions itself as a software company – but IPTV STBs remain important

Amino has been highlighting the software expertise that lays behind the new AminoTV solution, which enables operators to deploy a skinny bundle, a more sophisticated UX or a new premium tier without swapping set-top boxes. AminoOS is also being used to upgrade the UX without new hardware and in one implementation has helped Cincinnati Bell move to a new middleware and save $20 million on hardware costs.

Espial one of first to offer Android TV as part of a TVaaS service

Responding to growing operator interest in Android TV, Espial will now support the open source OS in its TV-as-a-service (TVaaS) offering, Elevate Cloud IPTV Platform. Android TV Operator Tier set-top boxes and Android TV retail devices will both be supported. The company is also looking to pre-integrate and pre-certify an application that runs on those boxes to keep start-up times and costs to a minimum.

Non-Mediaroom Pay TV operators can upgrade to MediaFirst platform, using their legacy STBs

MediaKind (formerly Ericsson Media Solutions) has established a migration path that enables a large chunk of the Pay TV market to adopt MediaFirst as its next-generation TV platform without shipping new set-top boxes. A software client enables Mediaroom STBs to be upgraded, while Zodiac provides a selection of client solutions to enable a full MediaFirst experience on non-Mediaroom STBs, including old cable boxes.

Inside Secure’s new tech blocks the ad blockers, seeking to become new industry standard

Not only do ad-blockers prevent an advertisement from being displayed – they also stop reporting and therefore ad monetisation. At IBC, Inside Secure unveiled a client-side solution that discreetly blocks the ad blockers if they try to disrupt legitimate, non-intrusive publisher ads. In a nod to genuine consumer concerns, the counter-measures are not used against intrusive ads – with the IAB definition of ‘intrusive’ being used as the benchmark for decision making.

How Android reduces operator costs: but it’s still a choice between Android TV and...

Why are so many operators moving to Android TV? At IBC, Kai-Christian Borchers, managing director of 3 Screen Solutions (3SS), believes that for many,...

Friend MTS explains how pirates are upping their game to (try to) defeat water-marking

Content and revenue protection specialist Friend MTS has revealed that the main factor driving development of a third-generation version of its ASiD subscriber watermarking...

AirTies: managing Wi-Fi performance becomes ever-more critical as connected devices proliferate

As more and more operators opt to choose Android TV, how can they differentiate their services and products from other operators who’ve done the...

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