Industry Reports

April 17, 2014 | Published By Videonet
Making the cloud work for TV

The ‘cloud’ is not just about OTT but crucial IT concepts like virtualization and hosting and the use of vast and ‘elastic’ compute and storage resources. Using this kind of cloud can make Pay TV operators more agile, with benefits across nearly every part of their operation. Like OTT, this ‘cloud’ could be another game-changer and this report outlines why, addressing the impact on multiscreen TV, data analytics, video processing, the production environment, the STB and the UI. It investigates the impact of cloud infrastructure at pioneers like Netflix and Comcast and outlines the transformational ‘cloudification’ work that Deutsche Telekom has been undertaking and its implications for IPTV.

April 4, 2014 | Published By Videonet
Making TV more personal

First came multichannel TV, then PVR and VOD, then multiscreen and catch-up TV. There are still several important steps ahead to true personalization of the TV experience, from recommendation and second screen synchronization to PVR everywhere, targeted ads and even tailored audio tracks. This report investigates them and their likely impact and includes input from ZON, Belgacom, Yomvi (Canal Plus), Orange, SNL Kagan MRG, Strategy Analytics, Envivio, Dolby, Civolution, ActiveVideo, Broadpeak and BlackArrow, among others.

March 13, 2014 | Published By Videonet
Completing the Ultra HD jigsaw

4K streaming services will give consumers a taste of very high-resolution video this year but it will be Pay TV operators that deliver true UHD and a new kind of immersive TV experience. This report considers the addressable market and likely roadmap for true UHD and highlights important changes in the emerging ecosystem, including the arrival of MovieLabs specifications that could herald a new era in content protection. The report includes insights from Strategy Analytics, Futuresource, Swisscom, Farncombe, Verimatrix, Harmonic and Elemental Technologies, among others.