Industry Reports

January 5, 2016 | Published By Videonet
Boosting television prospects with enriched data analytics

How media companies can use a combination of viewing data, better programme metadata and network performance statistics to super-charge their content marketing and monetization, and strengthen advertising. This report investigates what a holistic, enterprise-wide data analytics strategy looks like, with insights from Channel 4, Sky Media, ABI Research, ARRIS, ThinkAnalytics, IBM Global Business Services Division, Clearleap and IMGROUP, among others.

September 7, 2015 | Published By Videonet
How OTT is changing the shape of Pay TV

This report investigates how Pay TV operators are harnessing OTT distribution and using operations paradigms from the IT and Internet worlds to defend their existing businesses, reach out to new markets and make themselves more agile. It describes, with numerous examples, how different OTT strategies are evolving including Pay TV Lite, the integration of third-party OTT services into STB platforms and the use of OTT as a substitute for satellite and IPTV.

August 27, 2015 | Published By Videonet
Multiscreen for Everyone

How mid-sized and smaller media companies can deliver compelling multiscreen services that meet the needs of the ‘digital-first’ youth demographic and the wider OTT viewing public. This report investigates the evidence that online and multiscreen video is becoming mainstream and explores the new operations paradigms that are reducing barriers-to-entry for smaller media companies, including virtualisation of video headends and cloud-based pay-as-you-grow solutions.