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Sharp boosts AQUOS Smart TV capabilities

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Sharp has launched what is effectively a new connected TV platform, redesigned from the ground-up to provide better performance, a more fluid and intuitive User Interface called SmartCentral, plus companion device and multimedia sharing features. The new television models based on the upgraded platform will start shipping in January.

Sharp is releasing a remote control app that works with iOS (Apple iPhone/iPad) and Android tablets and smartphone. The company is also enabling consumers to stream content (music, photos, video) that is stored on their tablet or phones (Android or iOS) to the television, without the need for any other device, thanks to the new AQUOS Beamzit feature.

Like other leading vendors, Sharp is providing a comprehensive search facility which, in this case, checks the web plus local content stored on any DLNA-capable device attached to the home network. If there are duplicate copies of the content on the home network, the television automatically selects the best copy, like the photo in the highest resolution.

Sharp was demonstrating the new connected TV platform at CES 2012. From watching ordinary television, you press the SmartCentral button on the remote control to access the connected services. The interface can be customised; consumers can reorganise the order the apps appear in, putting Netflix ahead of Hulu, for example. You can create four personal profiles on each TV.

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