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Online video boosts even heavyweight TV campaigns

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More evidence emerged last week indicating that digital and TV advertising can work as friends not enemies. But in contrast with a recent story on how TV advertising can boost online and offline marketing, another analysis released last week showed that online video on average produces a 4% point increase in the incremental reach of a brand compared to a traditional television-only schedule.

A device-agnostic video advertising company, Videology conducted this study in May on three campaigns described as “heavyweight,” or involving a brand’s purchase of 300-500 television viewer ratings (TVRs). (One TVR equals 1 percent of a particular target audience; the higher the number of TVRs, the more extensive the campaign.) These three campaigns respectively focused on housewives with children, adults aged 16-34 and adults in the ABC1 socio-economic groups.

Videology drew nearly 17,000 consumer responses from an online survey to 2 million users that ran across 74 different participating publishers in the U.K. Via traditional TV, and as reported by Videology’s three clients directly, these brands achieved an average 1+ cover (the number of people who saw at least one spot) of 74%. The unduplicated reach of TV and online video was 78%, which compared to an average of TV and online video of 81%. Thus, the four point increase.

Incremental reach was highest, not surprisingly, among the demographic with the youngest viewers: 16-34 adults, 5%; versus ABC1 35+, 3%; and housewives with children, 4%. According to Rhys McLachlan, Corporate and Business Development Director at Videology, who discussed the report at BrandRepublic, the decision to test mainstream and heavyweight TV campaigns set a high bar for this study. McLachlan said that brands with a lower budget and aiming for more of a niche audience would realize even greater benefits from the addition of online video.

One of several companies at the forefront of advanced advertising, Videology said that in the month during which it conducted this study, it connected brands with 28 million unique consumers in the UK video universe. And on the same day last week that it released these results, Videology also appeared in a press release issued by Nielsen, the global information and measurement company, in which it was listed as one of 15 participants selected to integrate the Nielsen Online Campaign Ratings (OCR) into their respective platforms.

Videology Chairman and CEO Scott Ferber said in a statement that the Nielsen OCR was a “tremendous step forward in providing buyers and planners a consistent measurement metric for both traditional and digital media.” Ferber said Videology was integrating OCR into its planning, decision-making and measurement systems in order “to enhance advertisers’ ability to consistently reach their optimal audience based on Nielsen reporting.”

Videology is a privately held, Baltimore, Maryland-based company, with offices in New York, Austin and London. Its investors include NEA, Valhalla Partners and Comcast Ventures.

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