Cloud-based UI gaining momentum in Europe

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    Liberty Global is using ActiveVideo’s CloudTV solution to move the Horizon user interface into the cloud for devices that cannot run it natively, enabling the cable operator to target more devices with its advanced user experience and services. CloudTV decouples the user experience from device dependencies, something that can also reduce cost and time-to-market for multiscreen TV experiences.

    The ActiveVideo software solution enables an HTML5 user interface to be rendered in the cloud and then delivered to the client device as if it were a video stream, in either H.264 or MPEG-2. CloudTV H5, the latest version of the ActiveVideo platform, provides new levels of network scalability when delivering applications written in HTML5.

    It is the cloud-based execution and rendering that enables rapid, cost-effective development of complex animations and functionality for any connected device, regardless of processing capability. The solution can be used on STBs, CI Plus televisions and Smart TVs as well as multiscreen devices.

    Aamir Hussain, Managing Director and CTO at Liberty Global Europe explains: “We are using the CloudTV platform to complement our cloud UI strategy and expand Horizon-like experiences, including cloud DVR, VOD navigation and advanced applications, to STBs and connected devices.”

    Jeff Miller, President and CEO of ActiveVideo says moving the user interface to the cloud simplifies future software releases, another important benefit of this approach. “We look forward to working with Liberty Global as they continue to accelerate the evolution and availability of the Horizon user experience to devices that cannot run it natively,” he adds.

    CloudTV is already available on more than 10 million devices thanks to deployments with Cablevision, Charter, Oceanic Time Warner Cable, the Dutch cable operator Ziggo and other operators. Comcast is conducting a
    multi-stage trial in one of its markets. CloudTV is also on Philips-brand NetTVs and is powering advanced user experiences for Net2TV, a virtual service provider.

    On the eve of IBC ActiveVideo announced a new customer for CloudTV: Glashart Media, which is part of KPN. This is the first European deployment for the technology with an IPTV provider.

    The CloudTV platform has also been put through its paces during field trials by T-Labs, the Research and Innovation arm of Deutsche Telekom Group. T-Labs has been studying the viability of a virtual STB and recently unveiled its prototype, as we reported previously.


    ActiveVideo was one of the partners the company worked with.

    Deutsche Telekom Group hopes that STB virtualization technology will enable ultra-modern and resource-hungry User Interfaces to be displayed in a fluid manner on even older and low-performance customer premise equipment (CPE). This means faster innovation cycles and cost savings, Deutsche Telekom expects.

    “European operators such as Ziggo, Glashart Media and Deutsche Telekom’s T-Labs are taking a leading role in using the power of the cloud to remove the operational bottlenecks that historically have prevented them from delivering advanced user interface paradigms,” declares Miller.

    You can read our previous analysis of the ActiveVideo CloudTV solution here.


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