Edgeware enables unified delivery system for on-demand over broadcast and multiscreen

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    At IBC 2014 Edgeware will demonstrate its extended range of video delivery solutions for network operators including the latest version of the Edgeware D-VDN, which provides a fully consolidated video delivery system for legacy and newer devices.

    “Most cable and telco operators have a large installed base of set-top boxes connected via legacy networks such as QAM tuners or multicast IPTV routers. Rather than building duplicate, siloed delivery networks for new on-demand services to these devices and newer, multiscreen devices on broadband networks, the latest version of Distributed Video Delivery Network enables consolidation to a single, unified delivery system with servers and control software that can record / cache and deliver content at massive scale to both device types,” the vendor explains.

    Meanwhile the new Edgeware Accelerated Origin provides a highly consolidated origin system for all live and on-demand video services on any device.  This is designed to reduce the huge pressure on headend and origin architectures being created by the substantial increases in recording, storage capacity and scale out of origin servers required to guarantee play out performance to any device.

    Edgeware’s Accelerated Origin combines massive recording and delivery capacity with high density, commoditized storage, load balancing and dynamic re-packaging for different device types into a single, highly scalable solution. ​​

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