HDMI dongle with DLNA Vidipath support will help cable operators with multi-room and multiscreen

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    ACCESS has integrated its NetFront Living Connect 3.1 media sharing solution with support for DLNA VidiPath onto the Zip-R HDMI stick-based IP client solution from ZapperBox. The Zip-R stick is based on the EN7589 chipset solution from Entropic, a leader in semiconductor solutions for the connected home. This collaboration will enable cable operators to securely and cost-effectively deploy multi-room and multiscreen services to DLNA Certified products.

    The solution features ACCESS’s Living Connect 3.1 software, which offers premium video sharing and the NetFront Browser NX running on ZapperBox’s Zip-R stick, which plugs directly into an available HDMI port on a television and is less than 3×1 inches (8cm x 2.5cm) in size. The solution is powered by Entropic’s EN7589 dual-core ARM Cortex A9 processor with NEON extension for a crisp, responsive user experience. ACCESS, ZapperBox and Entropic are demonstrating the solution at CES 2015 in the ACCESS suite at the Bellagio Hotel.

    “The transition to open standards such as DLNA is shifting software development away from traditional set-top box makers, creating a new ecosystem driven by innovation,” claims Mark Samuel, CEO of ZapperBox. “This solution, which combines ACCESS’s DLNA and Browser expertise, Entropic’s EN7589 dual-core ARM-based System on Chip, and our industry-leading HDMI stick form factor, is a prime example of that ecosystem in practice.”

    The Zip-R from ZapperBox is described as a first-of-its-kind product that offers the power to run a full RDK with HTML5 and Vidipath in the smallest form factor HDMI stick. The Zip-R client, with its full suite of hardware and system software, “is perfectly suited for the transition of the cable operator into IP to the home or within the home,” its maker claims.

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