MoCA field trials confirm 400Mbps bandwidth net throughputs for coax home networking

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    Preliminary results of the ongoing MoCA 2.0 field tests demonstrate better than 400 Mbps net throughputs (MAC rate) in 90% of all coaxial cabling outlets, or paths, MoCA has revealed at International CES in Las Vegas. Net throughputs were greater than 350 Mbps for 95% of paths. The results are based on 108 homes tested so far throughout the U.S. “Our rigorous examination of MoCA 2.0 in the lab and in the field proves that our technology standard is fast and reliable,” declares Charles Cerino, MoCA President.

    Homeowner volunteers in several states in the U.S. received kits with a MoCA-designed automated application test operating on a laptop and MoCA 2.0 certified devices from Broadcom and Entropic. The application created an operational MoCA 2.0 network and ran measurements between each pair of MoCA devices in the network at frequencies from 500 MHz to 1.6 GHz.

    No special conditions were required to be a participant. For instance, no homes were screened or chosen based on construction materials, age or condition of wiring, or type of Pay TV service. The objective was to collect results from a diversity of real-world, coax-based installations. Completion of the field tests is targeted for the March 2015 timeframe.

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