New operations centre will protect Kudelski Security clients from cyber attacks

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    Kudelski Security, the cyber security division of the Kudelski Group, has launched its Cyber Fusion Center to help clients increase their cyber resilience. The facility, operated out of Cheseaux-sur-Lausanne in Switzerland, is a next-generation security operations centre that offers tailor-made managed security services to enterprises that are looking for robust, 24×7 protection against cyber threats and attacks.

    The Cyber Fusion Center uses best-of-breed technologies, threat intelligence and talented security experts to increase the cyber resilience of its clients, Kudelski Security explains. It monitors the business’ architecture, critical digital assets and the global landscape for emerging cyber threats. It leverages big data analytics to contextualize these threats, determining which ones are specific to the client and what measures need to be taken in order to mitigate risk and block the attack.

    “It is more and more challenging for companies to get access to highly skilled security experts and to maintain the appropriate technologies to face an evolving cyber-threat landscape with confidence,” comments Christophe Nicolas, SVP Head of Kudelski Security. “We leverage over 20 years of the Kudelski Group’s expertise securing business worldwide. We provide our customers with tailor-made managed security services, allowing them to optimize their security investment and focus on their core activities.”

    “In our increasingly hyper-connected world, the threat landscape is increasingly complex and globalized,” Kudelski Security declares. “Attacks are becoming more sophisticated and targeted causing material financial loss to the victims. Failure to take a strategic approach to cyber security may put the core business at risk.

    “The ‘Internet of things’ exponentially increases the cyber-pirate’s playground and launch pads for attacks. Enterprises must prioritize cyber security at the same level as user experience and high availability in order to remain competitive. Variety, volume and velocity of threats are increasing at a pace so fast that most enterprises don’t have the capabilities to deal with them anymore.”

    Kudelski Security is an independent trusted partner, fully owned by the Kudelski Group, that delivers cyber-security services, products and solutions to the financial, public, defense, and media sectors, leveraging a wide network of high-end security partners. A global footprint and a significant R&D programme and investments help Kudelski Security stay ahead of threats.

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